Frequently Asked Questions

1. Band Breaks
We want you to get the most out of us, and we will discuss with you what works best 
for your party. There are several ways of taking breaks, or playing continuous music, all of which will be options you can decide on.


2. Volume
One of the most important aspects of a great party, is volume! If a band is too loud, people can't enjoy conversation, food, and it's not a very fun experience for your guests. Too soft, and there's no energy. We think we have the best mix of playing the right music at the right time at the right volume. We want your guests to enjoy the entire night, from catching up with friends and family to breaking out on the dance floor.


3. Special Songs
The musicians in the HotHouse Band are very talented and we want you to take advantage of that. If there are special songs that you would like us to learn, we are happy to play them for you. Normally, we have to limit it to two songs that are not on our list, but if we can, we will accommodate you as best we can.


4. Personal Service
We feel this is the most important of them all. If you have someone who really listens to you and what you want, everything falls into place. Our phone line is always
open to address any questions you may have. For whatever kind of event you are planning, hiring the band is one of the most important decisions. Feeling comfortable with the band leader/MC, and trusting that the affair will go as you want, will make it as fun for you, as it will be for your guests!

We hope you enjoy the music,

and we look forward to hearing from you.